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Taiwanniversary Time 來台周年紀念日

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

At home in Taipei

💗 台灣 💗

Happy Taiwanniversary to me! It’s hard to believe that what was supposed to be twelve months somehow transformed into 12 years of living in Taiwan!

I’m asked on almost a weekly basis about why I chose to come to Taiwan. I always have to admit that my reasons for choosing Taiwan in the first place were not very remarkable. I had graduated from university in Canada and simply wanted a year to decide if I would return to the US and what field I wanted to continue my education in. My really basic research had told me Taiwan was a place I could make a decent living working as an English teacher while still having a high quality of life. So, in just over the course of a few weeks, I packed my bags and decided to come to Taiwan not knowing a single person or a word of Chinese. I cried most of the plane ride here worrying that I had made a huge mistake, simultaneously eyeing the other passengers nervously for clues on how you are supposed to eat instant noodle soup with chopsticks?!

Regardless of bumpy beginnings, what’s far more interesting than my reasons for coming to Taiwan, are all the reasons that kept me here for so long. The kindness of the people who live here and the natural beauty of the country are breathtaking. It’s a place where lost items often get returned, and local shop owners will treat you like family. The safety I feel as a single woman to move about in a major city like Taipei cannot be emphasized enough. There is always something delicious and inexpensive you can find to eat at any hour of the day (I’m eating Lu Rou Fan as I type this!).

But more than anything, I love Taiwan for the opportunities and lessons it has given me. It has taught me that through working hard, building meaningful interactions with others, and seeing challenging situations as chances for growth, the sky is the limit. Life here is ever-changing, constantly humbling me, and ultimately transforming me. The family of other expats and the growing community I have found of Taiwanese teachers, coworkers, students, and friends makes this place truly feel like home.

I feel so incredibly #blessed to have found myself in Taiwan for more than a third of my life now. I only hope that I can give back to Taiwan as much as it has given to me during this time! Xie xie, Taiwan!

Keep moving! xx, Katie

💗 台灣 💗







愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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