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Taiwan Touch Your Heart台灣觸動你的心

Getting the feels from the Taiwan Zumba Fam

A few weeks ago I shared a bit about the experience of traveling down to Kaohsiung for the filming of an upcoming Zumba Instructor Network volume. While the production was extremely impressive and a once in a lifetime experience to attend, one of my favorite moments of the day was a video on a much smaller scale.

While having lunch with a group of Zumba instructors from all over Taiwan, challenging myself to try to keep up in Chinese, trying some of the yummy local eats, I casually mentioned we could kill time before the Zumba event if they’d want to help me film a small group dance together.

What are some of the best aspects of life in Taiwan? The people, no doubt. According to a 2018 InterNations survey , Taiwan is ranked as the 2nd friendliest country on the planet towards foreign residents, and I couldn’t agree more.

Just after eating, we all piled into cars as the local instructors found the perfect place for our mini shoot— the gorgeous Tiger Dragon Pavilion in front of Lotus Lake. Before I knew it, someone had appeared with a portable speaker, and the other instructors were braving the blistering sun to dance along with me.

The video for this week, South of the Border— filmed down south in Taiwan— is one of my favorites because it captures the love, luck, and gratitude I feel being a part of a Zumba and Taiwanese family. I’m constantly touched by the acceptance and warmth I’ve been met with by mentors, friends, peers, and students . A huge thank you to the instructors we joined me that day and to my whole big Zumba Taiwan family!

Keep moving! xx, Katie

接受台灣 Zumba 大家庭的愛

幾個禮拜前我和大家分享我下高雄拍攝 Zumba 全球教學影片的經驗。雖然整個過程真是一個一生一次的經驗,但是那一天中我最愛的時刻反而是在一個比較小的鏡頭前。

在和來自台灣各地的 Zumba 老師們用午餐的時候,我挑戰自己多說中文、多嘗試道地美食,我不經意地提及若是在拍攝前大家有空的話,可以幫助我拍一小段影片來殺時間。

其中一個台灣最棒的地方就是「台灣人」!2018年InterNations 調查顯示,台灣在全世界有最友善的國家當中,排名第二!不論是對地球或是外國居民,這點我非常的認同!


這週的影片 South of the Border 就是在台灣的南部拍攝的,這是我最喜歡的影片之一,因為它捕捉到台灣與 Zumba 大家庭的愛,讓我覺得倍感幸運自己屬於這個家庭的一部分。來自指導老師、朋友、同儕以及學生的溫暖與接受總是常常讓我覺得感動。再次鄭重地感謝那天和我們一起拍攝的老師們,也謝謝台灣 Zumba 大家庭!


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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