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Spring Into Action!

Now’s the time to get moving!

In the past few weeks, classes have become busier again, and even socially I’ve been running into more people out and about. As we all emerge from the hibernation of winter, it seems the first thing out of many mouths is: “I put on so much weight! “, “ I really let myself go during Covid!” or “ I HAVE to get back into shape fast!”

Hey, I know the feeling as well!

Instead of lamenting about what we coulda, woulda, shoulda done all winter long, now is the time to seize the season, and spring into action ! Minus the few cooler, rainy days we’re having in Taipei this week, the warmer temperatures, the longer days and extra doses of sunshine are the world’s way of gifting us some additional energy. It’s the easiest time of year to gradually make use of the energy to get in some more movement, savor fresh fruits and vegetables , and increase our hydration!

Before the heat of summer fully kicks in and slows us down, why not see if you can leverage the spring energy into cultivating some small healthy habits you may have been holding off on since the new year?

I’m here to help 💪 if you’re ready to jump back into class, feel up for adding in another online dance session per week, or if you want to put in more intensity to the moves you are already making!

And of course, don’t forget — you have until the end of March to grab your buy 1 get 1 free online class gift from our 4th Anniversary celebration!

Together we can bounce back from winter and spring into action!



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