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Spring Break! 放春假!

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Time to rest and re-energize yourself

It’s wonderful to be back in Taipei after having a week's vacation with my family in Thailand! Each time I go on vacation, I realize it takes me a few days to remember how to relax—how to sit still and just let myself “be.” I’ll admit that in my day to day life, it’s often hard for me to say “no” to teaching more classes; I genuinely love what I do, and I love creating more connections with new students. However, this often means that I don’t listen to my body’s calls to take a break until I’m starting to get sick or some ache or pain forces me to slow down. When I wait too long to rest, a break means all I have the energy to do is to sit on that couch and watch TV, scroll mindlessly on my phone, or order takeaway from restaurants (all of which I feel fine about in moderation!). When it gets to that point, I don’t have the energy to go out to see friends or work on other hobbies outside of dance as ways for me to relax and take time off.

Likewise, when I finally feel like I can relax on vacation, sometimes I go to the extreme of not keeping up enough of the good habits from my “real life” — all of which makes the idea of returning home and getting back to work seem incredibly daunting. During this past trip, I made an effort to teach a Zumba and a Fit and Flaunt class to my family, as well as attend and guest teach at another instructor’s class in Bangkok. Just that little bit of continuity with my regular schedule brought me so much happiness! It helped remind me that normal life and vacation life don’t need to exist in two totally separate worlds. Maybe the key is taking enough quality breaks for rest and relaxation in everyday life and occasionally keeping a bit of activity in your break times!

Whatever you do for this Spring Break season and Tomb Sweeping holiday weekend, wishing you lots of rest and energy! My group classes will all be on a regular schedule, so if you are in Taipei, come join us over the holiday!

Keep moving! xx, Katie



等到我真的覺得我在放假的時候,就變得太懶了!比如吃得不健康,沒有運動等,這讓我很難恢復正常生活。上個禮拜在泰國我試著多休息,也教了我的家人怎麼跳Zumba和舞麗自信,還加入泰國當地的Zumba課。而我也發現,不用把我的生活分成兩個部分,工作和休息時間其實是可以結合的,在平時找時間多休息,在休假的時候則加入多點活動,我的生活就能更平衡。今年春假不管你要做什麼,我希望你好好地休息,振奮精神,同時也要玩得開心。 要是你留在臺北,請你來上禮拜四跟六的課!


愛你的 Katie

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