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Small, Slow, and Steady in 2021

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

The Year of the Snail 🐌

Happy 2021! Turning the page on 2020 was more than welcomed, even if the stress of the year didn’t exactly leave many of us feeling highly energized and motivated to crush a new year. I spent the first few days of the 2021 doing the complete opposite of getting a running start — calling it a snail’s pace might even be too generous! I had a lot of time on my own doing a whole lot of nothing productive.

After a few days of hermit life, I finally worked up the motivation to think about the upcoming year. As in past years I wanted to create a vision board for myself. However, low on energy, I was afraid that if even making the vision board was daunting, it certainly wouldn’t bode well for any 2021 goals materializing.

At last, I allowed myself a no pressure skim through old magazines to see what pictures and words caught my eye or sparked ideas in my mind. Before I knew it, my floor was covered with pieces of paper that spoke to who I already am and what I’m still longing for: growth, simplicity, balance, nourishment on many levels, energy, connection, and so on. The board is far from a work of art, but letting go of perfection is also a central theme for the year!

To me, just looking at the board is a reminder that there are so many ways to show up for myself in achieving goals. Drinking more water, for instance, might not be earth shattering stuff, but it feeds into being in better tune with how my body feels and powering myself for work. All to say, small things can make huge impacts on how we feel.

Things won’t magically be better just because 2020 is through. We likely have a good chunk of the year to wait for vaccines to be distributed , restrictions and tensions to ease, and travel to open up to see our loved ones. Feeling as if “normal” is a long way off , it is tempting to wish the entire year away in favor of skipping straight to 2022.

But in 2021 maybe it’s all about small, slow, and steady. The Year of the Snail! A year we build even one new good habit or learn to see “success” as a practice and process, not the result of it.

Whether you make yourself a vision board, journal, or simply set aside a few moments to search for inspiration, I hope you can find some time to explore what you want to build within yourself this year.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and can’t wait to keep moving with you in 2021!

Keep moving!



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