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Shake What Your Mama Gave You 大大搖擺媽媽生給你的好身材

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

My Marvelous Mama!

💗 Happy Mother's Day 💗

This week I want to give a special shout out to all the moms and wish them a Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ve got a long list of things to be grateful to my mom for, but when I look at where I am today, one of the most obvious is for supporting my love of dance. I certainly got my sense of rhythm from her (no offense, Dad!). As a kid, when I first expressed an interest in dance, my mom was largely the one who spent countless hours driving me to and from dance classes. She put up with me the times I was dragging my feet to go to class, was my audience for performances in the living room, and calmed my nerves before any recital. She spent time altering dance costumes and learned how to pin my hair into a bun in a way that wouldn’t make me cry and still wouldn’t fall apart on stage. She always made me feel supported in having a hobby and never pushed me so hard that the fun might be sucked out of it. She allowed me the space to discover and develop my passion.

As I found my love for dance again as an adult, my mom has continued to be unwavering in her support and genuine enthusiasm for what I do. She’s danced along with me as I taught Zumba in different countries and recently took up doing Zumba Gold in my hometown up to three times a week! It’s an amazing gift that we can create new memories sharing something that we both now love.

Many of my students are mothers or mothers-to-be. I feel honored that amidst all the duties of motherhood, so many choose to spend a little slice of their “me” time in one of my classes. I’m happy if I can give back to this incredibly selfless and caring group of women. For all that you mothers do, taking time for yourself, your health and your happiness is so important. And when you do carve out that time to come to class, you can leave your stress at the door and shake it so hard that you’d make YOUR mama blush!

Wishing you, your loved ones, and especially my mom a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Keep moving! xx, Katie

💗 母親節快樂 💗




愛你的 Katie

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