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Revisiting My “Emotional Jetlag” 重讀我的『情緒時差』

Thanks past-self for the pep talk!

When I was a teenager, I often kept a journal to scribble down my thoughts on life, school, dating and more. Every once in a while when giving my room a deep clean, I’ll find myself sitting amongst a pile of my belongs and reading back to those days—entertained, embarrassed, enthralled by my perspective at that age.

These days, this newsletter IS my journal. And so this week as I struggled to get out of my vacation brain fog ( can’t count how many times I misplaced my keys, wallet, and phone!), I opened up last year’s first post-vacation newsletter to look to my past self for some advice. It’s incredibly helpful for me to look back at my own words, to remember that circumstances and my mood can fluctuate, but that things ultimately keep on going as they always have.

So this week I want to reshare the tips I found useful last year and once again this week, in getting back into “real life” mode and fighting the “emotional jetlag” following a fantastic holiday!

1. Keep busy, but don’t do too much.
I tend to come back from vacation with a huge to-do list. I’m feeling motivated to hit the ground running and don’t want to let anything stop me. Fast forward to a few days after the holiday, and I’m overwhelmed by how much I’ve put on my plate and exhausted from overdoing it. Too much free time works the same way for me. I’ll obsess over what I miss from my vacation and whether what I’m doing in my “real life” is really what I should be doing. Being especially mindful to keep a work life balance in those few key days back helps a ton!
2. Fit in time for something you love.
Prioritize a visit with friends to share vacation stories with, take time to take a fitness class, try to make a recipe for something yummy you ate on holiday. Sticking to things you know consistently bring you joy can remind you of all the good things you’ve already got going for yourself in your day to day life.
3. Rest like you are on holiday.
While you can’t necessarily nap away the afternoon like you did on vacation, making sure you get enough sleep can help you feel more able to tackle the challenges of everyday life and less moody when those “back to reality” blues hit. Opting to put down my phone earlier to go to sleep instead of mindlessly scrolling and coming across others’ beach holiday photos on social media is especially helpful!
4. Be patient.
Realizing that I won’t be able to tackle every work project or be back in pre-vacation shape immediately means I can try to be a little easy on myself. Yes, I enjoyed every minute away from my phone, every sip of wine and every bite of ice cream. No, I won’t be exactly where I left off before I went away. It will take time, like it always does.

Have you had a summer holiday? How do you keep yourself from feeling the post-holiday blues? I’d love to hear from you!

Keep moving! xx, Katie



現在,這電子報正是我的日記,所以這週,當我仍在嘗試離開還在放假的腦袋時(已經數不清我有多少次找不到手機、錢包和鑰匙了), 我打開了去年第一封在假期過後的電子報,期待過去的自己能給些有效的建議。神奇的是,看著自己過去寫的內容真的很有幫助, 回憶起當初的狀況,情緒跟著起伏,但就像是每一件事,它們都會過去。


4. 有耐心

這個夏天你有去哪裡度假嗎? 你如何克服假後症候群? 我也想聽聽你的想法。


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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