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Power of Moving in Numbers 群眾舞動的力量

Getting Down with the Masses

I’m still buzzing over here after the excitement that was last week’s Watson’s Zumba Party. On Saturday thousands of people gathered in front of Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, and just as the gorgeous sun set, moved to the beat as one. With perfect weather, a breathtaking backdrop, talented instructors and an enthusiastic crowd, this year’s event was truly one that I will never forget.

It was especially great to see some of my students from very small group classes attend. It’s hard to describe to those who haven’t experienced large classes or events, just how powerful and uplifting it feels to dance with so many others. In this big open space they are no mirrors to critique your own body or dance moves. Amongst a sea of people we can let our inhibitions go more easily and focus on fun over perfection. I for one, completely lost myself in the magic of the moment and feeling of all of our collective joy.

I encourage you to keep up to date with big events and some of my larger group classes. Would love to have you experience the happiness of moving in numbers!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


在上週末屈臣氏超大型的Zumba 派對後,現在的我仍然沉浸在那樣興奮的情緒當中。週六,上千人聚集在中正紀念堂廣場,在美麗的太陽落下之後,千人合一同步舞動。伴隨著完美的天氣、雄偉的背景、才華洋溢的老師們、以及熱情的群眾,今年的活動真是令我難忘。

在這個過程中讓我更加開心的,就是看到我小班課的學生們出席活動。要向沒有參加過大型課或是活動的人,形容在大型活動中眾人一起跳舞那樣強大且令人振奮的感覺是非常困難的。 在一個如此廣大的開放空間,沒有鏡子讓你挑剔自己的身材或是舞步。 在人海當中,我們可以更容易地放開種種拘束, 用盡興來取代完美。 對我來說也是一樣的,我好享受完全沉浸當下的魔力,深刻地感受這股強大與眾人共享的喜悅。



愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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