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Online Class Updates

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

A few changes in store!

In many ways, I feel like this project has been going on for much longer in fact. I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to rearranging living room furniture with ease and have learned how to streamline the editing process a great deal over this time. In these ten weeks, I’ve also recorded over 80 different routines in order to put together the classes for you. And of course, because of your attendance we’ve been able to donate hundreds of meals to the Global Foodbanking Network.

The current tally of online classes taken by Zumba lovers all over the world is over 900,000 meals donated— nearly meeting the goal of 1,000,000 meals!

As the need for online class has gone on for longer than expected, the Zumba company is making updates to the platform. If you joined a class in the past few days you may have noticed several changes when logging in. In anticipation of the Zumba company likely no longer offering Zin Studio to instructors or students free of charge in the future, the “FREE CLASS” detail has been removed and I have been required to provide a suggested donation amount and a class password. Please note that if you have difficulty logging in and see a locked sign over the class, I will set all class passwords as 123456 (which is also listed in the class details section). For now, the class will remain donation based and I will share more information with you if and when the class will require mandatory payment.

Secondly, and again as a result of the unexpected length of the COVID situation, the Zumba company will be losing the music licenses to some of the songs we have been using in our online classes. Of my 80 or so routines, we will be required to “retire” over 20 of them by the end of July. Unfortunately, many of these songs are some of my absolute favorites, but I will be working over the month of July to bring you more new material to replace it with! If you have favorites from the class, please let me know what they are and if they are on the way out, I’ll make sure to include them in the classes up until July 30!

Finally, if you took a look at the schedule, you’ll notice live classes are canceled from June 25- June 28. In case you are looking to dance during the four day holiday, I will upload Class #10 for each day of the break!

I hope all of you have an excellent Dragon Boat Festival !

Keep moving!



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