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Moving with the Seasons 與季節一同舞動

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

What's this warm weather make you want to do?

With May having started, I finally feel like it’s safe to say, spring has sprung, and I couldn’t be happier about it! Warmer temperatures bring me more motivation. Whereas all winter long moving around seemed like a mission, spring definitely makes daily life much easier. During the thick of the winter when I’m in full hibernation/comfort food/couch mode, I always secretly fear that I won’t get back on track once spring comes. What if my motivation never returns? What if this is the year I’m still craving and baking myself Christmas cookies all the way into July?

But inevitably, the days grow longer and the temperatures do rise. Tasks that seemed impossible just a few weeks ago (waking up early, fitting in a mini-workout, eating a salad!?) suddenly seem to be the things my body intuitively wants to do. Instead of fighting against or forcing myself, I can hear my body telling me it’s time to spring into action, and no, an extra piece of dessert isn’t really necessary (well, not every night). Listening and paying attention to what my body wants and how it moves with the seasons can give me a better appreciation for it’s ever-changing nature. It means allowing the space for time to rest and indulge, and also knowing when to kick things back into high gear.

My body and my moods very much follow the cycle of the seasons. Our lives also have many seasons-- times where we stand feeling accomplished and invincible, and times when we struggle and feel defeated. Knowing that spring will always come after winter, ups will always follow downs, and successes will always follow failures, can keep us motivated enough to walk forward through the coldest of days. Better yet, why not try to dance your way through it!

Keep moving! xx, Katie




愛你的 Katie

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