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Letting Your hair down 放下你的頭髮吧

Partying it up at special classes and events!

Last Saturday was an amazing night of Zumba at la Fiesta! I often start my regular weekly classes by telling people, " Zumba is like a party!" and it couldn't have been more true for Saturday night's event. We packed the club with enthusiastic participants, had Sharen Tu, Chiara Colognola, and myself as instructors, and even got live guitarist Marty Yang and DJ Elvis to join us!

Big Zumba parties have a totally different vibe from regular classes. In regular classes, students get to know your choreography, and as an instructor you know their ability levels. At a fitness party, there's much more of a relaxed atmosphere. Away from the mirrors in classrooms, students can move alongside their friends and often get a chance to dance to new songs or follow new instructors ( ie. fun in the moment is the focus over mastery of the dance moves).

Beginners, class regulars, and friends and family all got to mingle on the dance floor and during the live music performances. For all of us, including the instructors, it was a much needed chance to "let our hair down," feel free, break up our weekend routine, and connect in a special environment.

This week and next week I'll be bringing the party to the little ones with two Family Moves (親子派對Parents/Kid Party!) classes! My goal in doing these kinds of classes is for children and parents to be able to bond with one another while being active. Unlike a traditional dance class focusing on teaching children precise moves, I want to encourage the children to find enjoyment and comfort moving freely to music, as well as to help them build confidence and awareness in their bodies. Parents can expect a workout filled with lots of jumping, squatting and sweating, too!

During the classes, we'll also learn simple choreography to one song so that you'll leave class knowing a dance routine you can do with your child and maybe even showcase for your whole family at home! For all of those who can't participate in nighttime or weekend Zumba parties, this is a great way to blow off steam, burn energy, and play alongside your little ones.

With all the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's great to know that there are places we can really let go. Whether dancing with your child, or dancing with the child still inside of you, here's to you being silly, getting sweaty, and feeling free this week!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


上週六我們一起度過了一個精彩的 Zumba 夜間派對! 上課的時候我常常都會用「Zumba就像是一個派對!」來作為開場白,上週六晚上的活動就是一個活生生的見證,由 SharonTu, Chiara Colognola以及我 3位老師,搭配吉他手Marty Yang和DJ Elvis現場的演奏,和熱情的同學們一起嗨翻現場!

大型的 Zumba 派對和一般的Zumba課有一種完全不同的氛圍,在一般的課堂上學生們熟悉上課的舞步,也認識他們的老師,老師也知道他們的程度在哪裡,但是這樣的健身派對是一個更放鬆的氣氛,不同於站在教室裡鏡子前,就像是在夜店一樣,學生們可以和他們的朋友在舞池裡一起跳舞,還有機會跳新的舞曲以及跟上不同老師的節奏(享受在當下的過程勝過把舞步跳好。)

不論你是初學者、或是常常來上課的同學,大家可以可以一起隨著現場演奏的音樂舞動與互動; 對我們老師而言,我們很需要這樣這機會來讓我們「放下頭髮」,自在的跳舞,跳脫教學的規律,真實地享受當下每一刻。

這週與下週兩堂的親子派對(Family Moves)課程,我們會把派對帶到小朋友身邊。我希望可以藉由這些課程讓孩子與父母可以透過一起運動來產生更深的連結與互動,不像是一般傳統的舞蹈課是在教孩子們精確的舞步,我想要鼓勵孩子們享受隨著音樂舞動的自由與自信,進而幫助他們建立對身體的自覺與信心。 家長們可以期待一個充分的有氧健身運動,會有很多跳躍、深蹲,保證爆汗!

在課程當中我們同時也會學一首些簡單的編舞,讓你回家後也能舞步 所以 在 下課的時候你也你的孩子一起跳,甚至還能在親朋好友前和你的孩子一起表演。 如果你沒有辦法參加平日晚上的課,或者是週末的Zumba派對,這是一個大好機會,讓你能大量消耗你寶貝的精力以及自己的熱量。

在如此緊湊與繁忙的生活中,有地方可以讓你自在的表現自己是一件很棒的事,不論是和你的孩子一起跳舞,或是和你心中的孩子一同盡情舞動, 讓我們這周一起胡鬧、流汗、展現自我吧!


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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