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Letting Go of Perfection 放掉完美主義的自己

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

My "I'm overthinking" face

Sometimes seeking perfection means losing sight of what really matters.

I think I say this about all the songs, but this week I'm sharing the dance video of one of my favorite songs. No, really! This routine is special to me because I choreographed it last year for the Zumba's Next Rising Star competition. This was a competition to recognize one standout Zumba instructor from around the world. In order to enter the competition, instructors had to submit two videos of themselves teaching in regular classes. After deciding to give it a shot, I spent weeks agonizing over choosing the perfect songs, the perfect moves, and teaching as perfectly as I could.

One day, while I was waiting in line at a coffee shop, I randomly heard "Suerte" by Cesqeaux & D'Maduro playing and asked the barista for the name of the song. It was this song that helped get me out of my perfection rut and gave me a little shot of creative energy that I was missing at the time. When I finally watched back my submission videos, I was suddenly struck by how much fun my students looked like they were having in class, and by how little that had to do with how flawless of a teacher I was. It's a lesson I've had to remind myself of more than once-- that sometimes focusing too much on perfection means that we lose sight of all the really important and beautiful things that bring us joy!

By the end of today, I'll check any posts with the hashtag #katiemovestaipei to see who the winner of a free Katie Moves Taipei 5 class punchcard will be. Stay tuned for more challenges, contests, and events coming soon! Also, don't forget I'll be in Thailand 3/24-3/31, so while class is cancelled, do your Katie Moves Taipei YouTube videos at home instead!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


我想要跟你們分享關於這個影片的故事,去年我報名了Zumba's Next Rising Star競賽。主辦方要選出世界第一的Zumba老師。當時我一直選不出要用哪首歌,就算選了也一直改來改去,而且,看著自己的影片我還是不斷地質疑自己,覺得自己不夠好。後來,在教課的時候,看著學生的表情,我發現最重要的事情不是老師多麼完美,而是學生來上課的時候開不開心,玩得盡不盡興。 不要浪費心力在懷疑自己,因為當你專注在自己的不美好,就會錯過身邊的美景或是重要的事情。


愛你的 Katie

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