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Katie Moves Taipei Logo T-shirts Released!

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Preorder your shirt today!

After two holiday weekends in a row ( Happy National Day, Taiwan!) we’re back in the swing of our regular class schedule, weekly newsletter, YouTube video and online class!

What better way to get into things than with an exciting announcement— Katie Moves Taipei logo T-shirts are now available for pre-order! In the past these T-shirts were only in limited print for special gifts and promotion, but now anyone can purchase the white, black, and pink T-shirts for themselves or a friend. The regular T-shirt can be cut, braided, tied, and more to create a style that suits you! Check out this week’s YouTube video to see Anna and I modeling two of the colors and styles. 😍

And don’t forget to submit your order by 10/19 to ensure you get the color and size you want! Preoder now!

Looking forward to seeing you rock your Katie Moves Taipei T-shirts on the dance floor soon!

Keep moving!



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