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January Check-in

Updated: Apr 23, 2021


our start to the year

January has completely flown by! I don’t know about you, but I’m still writing the year 2020 on everything I sign and feel like 2019 was just yesterday!

As with every year, one of the silver linings for this season is the chance to rethink some of our New Year's resolutions in light of how the past thirty or so days have gone, and come up with a new plan before Chinese New Year arrives! I always love this second start to the year!

No doubt for 2021 many of us made explicit goals or just tried to take new approaches to life, many of which were related to health in light of the pandemic. In the past several weeks, many people I know were also affected by the death or sickness of loved ones for various reasons. It’s all left us with a reminder that truly nothing is as important as our health and that of those we hold dear.

All of this is to say, even if you’ve fallen off the wagon, not exercised, or come to dance as often as you’d like to have done, be neither hard on yourself, nor give up. Look at the last thirty days and be thankful you’ve made it through them. Thank them for what lessons they contain about what works for you, where you can improve, and what you want for yourself. They may just help you make a Chinese New Year resolution that sticks even better!

And truthfully, you don’t need a holiday, a new year, or a Monday morning to ever start anew. With how quickly time passes and how fleeting life can feel, you can choose to pause and designate any moment as the point of change.

Keep moving!



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