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#iweigh #我有多重

Updated: Feb 22, 2019


How do you weigh your worth?

It seems just about every week there is a new hashtag challenge popping up on my social media feed. While some of them are plain crazy ( eating Tide Pods laundry detergent?!), the majority of them are playful ways for people all over the world to connect. Some of the challenges or social media movements go one step further and actually help educate, inspire, or spread positivity. This week I want to share one that I’ve been following online: #iweigh.

The “iweigh” movement was started by British actress Jameela Jamil in retaliation to a post online asking people to guess the weights of several female celebrities. In response, Jamil posted a picture of herself with the words, “I weigh:” followed by a list of some of the attributes she most values about herself including—“ Loving relationship”, ”Great friends”, “I laugh everyday”—instead of the number of pounds or kilograms on a scale. Her post created waves as thousands of women joined in sharing real, unedited photos of themselves along with the characteristics, roles, and accomplishments that define them.

While we know there is far more to us than just our bodies, it’s easy to get so caught up in our physical appearances that we forget to celebrate the things people can’t see on the outside. The idea that the weight of our true worth as humans can’t be measured in numbers on a scale, numbers in the bank account, or numbers of likes or followers is more than just a passing social media fad; rather it's something we should constantly try to remind ourselves and others of.

Keep moving! xx, Katie


看起來差不多每一周都有一個標籤 (#) 挑戰出現在我的社交媒體頁面。有些是真的很誇張 (像是吃汰漬洗衣膠囊 ?! ),但是大部分的都是一些好玩的活動讓來自世界各地的人們互相交流,有些挑戰或是社交媒體上倡導的運動,更進一步地、真正地幫助教育、啟發或是宣導正面的想法。這周我想要分享的這個運動,是我一直關注的一個:「#iweigh」。

「#iweigh」 這個運動是由一位英國的女演員 Jameela Jamil 所帶動的。為了反擊一篇網路上要大家一起來猜幾位女明星的體重,Jamil 在網路上發了一張她自己的照片,並寫下:「我秤起來有......」接著不放她的體重幾公斤,取而代之地放上她覺得自己最有價值的部分:「愛的連結」、「有很多好的朋友」、「每天大笑」。她的發文帶動了上千位女性加入這個運動,讓世界一起目睹每位女性分享她們最真實、沒有美肌、沒有後製的照片,附註上她們的個性、扮演的角色與她們的成就,這些賦予她們定義的特質。



愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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