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Inspiring, not impressing 激勵人心,而非令人佩服

Updated: May 29, 2019

The magic of great teaching

This week I’m riding high on all the great vibes from Jhon Gonzales’s Zumba masterclass. In a short time, Zumba has gained so much popularity in Taiwan and the community continues to grow. As a result, great international instructors are catching wind of our Taiwan Zumba family and making special stops here.

I was especially excited about Jhon’s visit after having attended his classes in Orlando at the Zumba Convention , as well as Kaohsing last year. Among the many sessions I attended during the Zumba Convention, his was truly one that stood out to me. While there are countless talented and impressive instructors, it was his sincere abilities as a teacher that struck me the most. His movements were powerful, yet simple, so as to allow every single person in the room to feel included and accomplished. He focused on teaching for the students, rather than impressing them by showing off his own skills (and he is an amazing dancer!). He insisted people put down their phones, refrain from taking photos in class and actually be present in the experience . People left class with more than just a selfie with Jhon, but real knowledge about how to be a better instructor and the feeling of being a part of something special.

To me, this kind of humility and connection is the true spirit of Zumba. Putting aside the need for perfection, quieting our egos and having a blast all while breaking a sweat! Thanks for all you do to create this same kind of feeling in our classes!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


因為 Jhon Gonzales 的大師課讓我這周帶著滿滿的能量。台灣在短時間內,已經有好多人認識 Zumba 了,而這個社群持續的成長與茁壯。因此,我們有幸邀請到如此優秀的國際級 Zumba 指導員,在台灣特別停留,舉辦大師課與大家分享他的經驗。

一聽到 Jhon 這次的來訪,我就十分的興奮,除了去年在高雄之外,在奧蘭多的 Zumba 大會我也上過他的課。在 Zumba 大會的密集課程中,看到這麼多有才華與令人佩服的指導員,Jhon 的課是讓我最印象深刻的,是他對於身為老師的虔誠、不浮誇的樸實深深地感動我。他的動作簡單卻充滿能量,讓課堂中的每一個人都能擁有一種歸屬感與成就感。他專注在教學,而不是讓學生覺得他有多厲害(即使他是一個超強的舞者!)他要求所有學生們放下手機,克制自己想要上課拍照的慾望,希望大家能充分的享受在當下。在下課後,每個人不僅拿到和 Jhon 的自拍照,他們也得到讓自己升級成為一位更好的指導員所具備的知識,與共享這個特別經歷的歸屬感。

對我而言,這樣的謙卑與連結是我所謂真正的Zumba 精神。在爆汗的同時,放下完美主義、安靜我們的自尊、盡情享受!謝謝妳們在我們的課堂中一起創造這樣的感覺!


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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