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Hot Mama 性感女人

Still Celebrating Mother’s Day with more special songs!

What a great time we had last weekend celebrating Mother’s Day last week with our special themed class! Students dressed up in pink and red and mother/daughter duos graced the dancefloor! It was so much fun in fact, that I kept a lot of the Mother’s Day songs going throughout the week. There is quite a list of songs we used with the word “Mom,” “Mami”, and “Mama”, and for good reason—strong, sweet, sexy women (whether actual Mom’s or not) are so central to our lives.

This week I wanted to share links (Mom by Meghan Trainor and Boom Boom Mama by Disikan )to some of my favorite songs so that you can dance along with your Mom, family, or any Mom you know at home! One day, one week, or even one month doesn’t really seem like enough time to say thank you to the incredible women working so hard to raise their children or be a nurturing force in the lives of others.

I especially love the video for this week of “Mama” from Fit + Flaunt Burlesque Class. The routine isn’t too hard to pick up and the students learned it all in just a few minutes at the end of class! f Check out these hot mama’s (and guys ;) ) doing their thing!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


上週的母親節特輯Zumba 課真的是太好玩了! 大家一同身著粉色與紅色,有一些母女檔也一起加入我們的課程。 因為真的太好玩了,所以我這週也繼續跳這些以母親為主題的歌曲。在這些歌當中常見到這三個字「Mom」、「Mami」與「Mama」 ,他們同時呈現(不論你是否為人母)女性堅強、甜美與性感的不同面相。

這週我想要分享幾首我最喜歡、也是你可以和你媽媽、家人或是任何一位母親在家一起跳的歌 (Mom by Meghan Trainor and Boom Boom Mama by Disikan )!因為我覺得,用一天、一周或是一個月來感謝我們生命中那些努力將我們扶養長大,或是成為我們生命中的養份的女性似乎不太夠 。



愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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