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Happy Year of the Tiger 🐯

Let yourself ROOAARR!

Happy Lunar New Year and Year of the Tiger!!

How are you feeling after the holiday?

As you may know, this Lunar New Year was particularly special for me as it was the launch of my very first Lunar Light Up program! During the 8 days of the break, over 50 participants from homes around the world and quarantine hotels in Taiwan danced together, practiced new dance skills, and kept our minds and bodies lit up.

The enthusiasm and participation of so many seriously blew me away! We received so much wonderful feedback about how helpful Lunar Light Up was at combatting holiday stress, concerns about weight gain or boredom , and how many people even exceeded their own expectations in terms of how much effort and energy they put in and got out of the program !

For those who joined us, a huge THANK YOU again! You’ll find in the video here the WINNER of the private class from our raffle draw of participants who took action and really shared their progress! Special shout-out to those who also kept in touch with us every day of the program— Amanda Chang, Margot Brown, Rebecca Miller and Yvonne Ma! You rock!

To those who sat on the sidelines this time, fear not— we’ll have more programs headed your way in the future!

Big themes of the program were going at your own pace, listening to your body, savoring moments and resting. And rest I sure did as well! But man, am I happy to be back to class this week!

With the start of the Year of the Tiger, let’s really dig deep and tap into the energy we have inside! Like the strong fierce humans we are, can we think of approaching the challenges of this coming year with strength, courage, bravery and confidence?

Looking forward to sticking by your side for all that is to come during this upcoming year! Let’s do this!



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