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Happy Holidays! 聖誕節快樂!

Celebrating the holidays with my Taiwanese family!

Wishing You Full Hearts and Full Bellies!

I can’t believe that this is the last newsletter of 2018! I want to wish those of you celebrating the holiday, a very Merry Christmas! Hope your hearts and bellies are full as can be!

As a reminder, before the New Year I’m asking my students to look back at 2018 and share an accomplishment or some motivation that kept them moving this year. I’ll be choosing one post as the winner of a Katie Moves Taipei t-shirt. To participate:

1- Take a photo of yourself looking back or over your shoulder.

2- Write something you feel great about doing during 2018, or share what kept you motivated to move to your own goals. 3- Post on IG or FB and Tag #lookback2018 and @katiemovestaipei.

Finally, I want to remind the students in my Xindian Fit + Flaunt Burlesque class that this will be our final week of class for some time. Because of my ever-growing schedule, I need to take some time off to focus on getting enough rest. I wanted to thank all of you for your support each week. In the several years that I have been making the trek out to Xindian, your enthusiasm and warmth in and out of the classroom have made this one of my most enjoyable groups to teach. I hope you’ll feel welcome to join a class at one of my other locations in Taipei City and I look forward to dancing with you again! 

Keep moving! xx, Katie


真不敢想信這是 2018 年最後一封的電子報了!我想要祝所有正在慶祝這個節日的人聖誕快樂!希望你的們心和肚子都非常滿足。

想要提醒大家,在新的一年到來之前,我邀請我的學生們回顧過去的一年,並分享一件他們驕傲的成就 或是 一個讓他們能不斷前進的動力,我將會選出一位贏家送出 Katie Moves Taipei 的獨家 Tshirt  唷!


1- 拍一張向後看(或是看著背後)的照片

2- 寫下在 2018 年的一件令你驕傲的成就 或 讓你能往目標不斷前進的動力

3- Po 在 IG 或 FB 上,並標記  #lookback2018 與 @katiemovestaipei

最後,我想要提醒週四在新店高中上 舞麗自信 的學生們,這周是我們最後一堂課了,由於我的行程越來越滿,身體開始吃不消,在深思熟慮後只好忍痛決定要暫停課程休息一段時間。我想要感謝你們每一位一直以來的支持,在到新店上課的這幾年下來,你們課內課外的熱情與溫暖,在我的心中你們是其中一群讓我最享受教學的學生。我想要讓你們知道,非常歡迎你們來參加我在台北的任何一堂課,我也非常期待能再次和你們一起跳舞!


愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯)

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