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Happy Chinese New Year 2019 恭喜新年好

Happy Year of the Pig!

Happy New Year! To all of my family, friends, and students, wishing you a fantastic start to the lunar new year ahead— one filled with good health, wealth and happiness! Having you all as important parts of my life makes every day feel like I hit the “red envelope” or “lucky draw” lottery! For my readers celebrating the holiday, hope you are surrounded by your loved ones and enjoying good fun, food and relaxation. Looking forward to seeing your refreshed faces after the holiday ends!

Please keep an eye out for some exciting new moves I’ll be making in the next few weeks to celebrate the one year anniversary of Katie Moves Taipei! Gong xi fa cai!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


新年快樂!祝福我所有的家人、朋友與學生們,希望你們的農曆年有一個很棒 ------ 充滿健康、財富與幸福------的開始。你們每一位在我的生活中都扮演非常重要的角色,讓我常常有「領到紅包」與「中頭獎」的幸運感。給所有在慶祝過年的讀者們,希望你們可以被你愛的人包圍,一同享受美食、放鬆的假期與歡樂的時光。期待可以在假期結束後看到你們充滿精神的臉龐。

敬請期待:為了慶祝 Katie Moves Taipei 一周年,接下來的幾周我們會有一些令人興奮的新活動唷~ 恭喜發財!


愛你的 Katie

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