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Growing Together 一同成長

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Sitting down with Christ Hubbard to share my story.

My right hand woman-- Anna Liang

So thankful for all the help all along the way!

Only a few years ago, I could never have imagined Zumba and dance fitness classes would become my full-time gig. From just one weekly class of a handful of friends, things have grown to the point that my days are now filled with tons of classes, hundreds of students, and too many wonderful dance-related encounters to count. Over the past year, I was lucky enough to have my first assistant, Molly, to help me and my students. Molly and I learned so much from one another as we began the process of opening new classes, organizing registration, and communicating better with students. I owe so much of the last year's successes to her hard work!

As things continue to become busier and busier, I find myself in need of even more help. Starting this month, Anna, will be joining me to take on a position with more responsibilities. Not only has Anna been a good friend for a great number of years, she has also had a lifelong love for dance and has experience opening her own businesses. We share many similar ideas when it comes to our passion for connecting with people and creating positive change in our lives and those of others.

l'm so thankful that I have the opportunity to work with such strong, intelligent, and hard working women as Molly and Anna. I look forward to seeing how myself and my classes can continue to improve in order to bring you the best quality of experiences in the future. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all of your support along the way!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


我有一個消息要跟你們說,從六月開始我會有一位新的秘書。六月以前都是Molly在幫我處理大小事。謝謝Molly這一年多以來的付出。我們一起工作的這段時間,我跟他學到了不少事情,跟他工作的這段時間真的很開心。不過,這幾個月以來我的工作拓展得很快,工作時間也越來越長,所以我需要一位全職的夥伴。六月以後 Anna 會接下所有的事情。 Anna也熱愛跳舞,喜歡與人互動,同時他跟她的先生共同創業,在這方面我相信我們能合作愉快。 希望在未來的課堂上能提供你們品質更好,更開心的舞蹈經驗。謝謝你們的支持。


愛你的 Katie

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