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Growing More Than Just Older 長大不只有變老而已

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

🎵 Age ain't nothin' but a number 🎵

When I was younger, birthdays always stressed me out big time. Something about the fear of being the center of attention while simultaneously taking everything SUPER personally-- as if, how that one day went was the perfect summation of my value and especially how others felt about me-- really made for way too much pressure and tons of tears. It sounds pretty silly, I know. And I’d realize that too, after I stopped hyperventilating in the bathroom, having dried my eyes and seeing how clearly fortunate I was in spite of losing my keys, having to work overtime or having a huge zit on MY BIRTHDAY! ha!

This week I’m adding another candle to the cake and I've got nothing but tears of joy ( so far 😉 )!

Rather than being stuck focusing on how the world feels about me on my birthday, there’s a certain kind of peace and relief I now feel in using the day to celebrate growing more than just older. (That being said, don’t get me wrong, I still love and appreciate every single birthday wish.)

While we often hear about wanting to stop physically aging, birthdays are a great time to acknowledge all of the other personal ways we have grown over the past year. To look with curiosity and wonder at how the new things we’ve tried, the roadblocks we’ve faced, the highs, the lows, and even the boring stuff has made us react and has changed us. Each year gives us a better sense of what works for us, what we like, and what we should rather let go and leave behind. I love the idea of using this day to celebrate the gift of time and the experiences that ultimately allow me to deepen my relationship with myself.

This past year, I have felt beyond lucky to have had loving family, friends, and students cheering me on , supporting my growth, and giving me energy in all things I do. YOU move me and keep me moving always! Thank you from the bottom of my heart(...and here come those happy tears 😉 )!

Cheers to making each year count!

Keep moving! xx, Katie

🎵 年齡只不過是一個數字 🎵


這個禮拜愛哭的我又要多一歲了!希望讓我掉眼淚的,一定是好事 。今年我想改變的是:回顧過去,改正做得不足的地方,並學著自在地看待自己,我在哪個方面又進步了,而不是在意別人怎麼看我。(當然我還是要謝謝大家給我的祝福!)

我想誰都會怕老,不過,趁多一歲的時候,檢視自己什麼地方比以前更成熟或是過得比前一年更有意義。 這一年來,我非常地幸運,有那麼多支持我和給予我幫助的人。謝謝你們讓我變得更成熟,這是讓我想哭的好事!


愛你的 Katie

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