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Free Enough to Feel

( Even while feeling 🤒)

服飾 Outfit by AM ME Sporty


Welp, it finally caught up with me! I’ve come down with COVID, so I’m keeping things brief this week as I recover. As you likely know, all livestream and in-person classes are canceled this week, but you can keep dancing along with me for our pre-recorded classes which are available all day everyday !

Still, I wanted to continue to share a bit more about my collaboration with AM ME as their September Woman Power spokeswoman and the second part of my interview with them, “Free enough to feel.”

How has dance fitness allowed me to feel more free to express my emotions? 🤔

Can you remember how you felt as a child when you did something you loved? When you simply played for no purpose other than to have fun, to explore, to give yourself joy? For me, dance was one form of such play as a child. I twirled and jumped and ran in circles in my basement to a boxful of cassette tapes and CDs, sometimes improvising, other times carefully constructing performances for imaginary audiences. The awkward, coming-of-age feelings I didn’t have words for could bubble up in my body and flow out in my movements. Over the ensuing years of formal ballet classes and just plain growing up, dance took on a heavier connotation as it meant comparing myself to others, critiquing my body and abilities, and ultimately leading me to believe there was no real place left for dance in my life anymore.

Fast forward to years later living in Taiwan, teaching English, and nursing a broken heart. Attending a dance fitness class, Zumba specifically, was like rediscovering the fun and free feeling of being a kid again . Everybody and every ability was welcome. Later, when I created Fit + Flaunt, it was to further capture not just the joy that can be experienced through dance, but also the beauty, the sensuality, the power, and even the darker, more challenging emotions that can be expressed through our movements.

Today, I can say dance has allowed me to not only be more aware of my emotions, but also to express and be more comfortable with the many sides of myself. It’s my goal and passion to help others experience the same freedom to feel, to express, and to be themselves. By thinking we aren’t good enough, won’t make money from it, are too old for it, etc., how many avenues of expression or opportunities for joy have we cut out of our own lives?

Our classes and community will always be a place for you to express and feel free to be perfectly, imperfect you!

Ps- Don’t forget you can take 100nt off your purchase at with the code “KATIE”



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