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Finding Joy In Others' Joy 更深切的喜悅

Celebrating Others' Successes

We are just a few days from the start of the Lunar New Year, and Taipei is bustling with children on winter holiday, decorations hung by doors, and piles of old household items put out for trash collection for the pre-holiday clean. The coming of Chinese New Year puts me in a fantastic mood every year, but this week, I’m feeling it more than ever.

Not only have we had some glorious and unexpected moments of sun lately, but it felt like there was an added air of happiness in so many of the interactions I had this week. People falling in love, getting new jobs, expanding their families and gearing up for vacations.  What struck me this week was how happy I felt hearing each person share some of their personal victories .

I don’t generally consider myself a very jealous person, but I know that even a few weeks ago, I wasn’t in a place where I probably could have celebrated others' happiness as fully, at least not without feeling a bit wishful that I was in a better mood myself. I had been feeling disconnected from others, and even more so from myself. But this week, with each story I heard someone tell, my joy only grew , and honestly, it was almost a better feeling than if something amazing had happened  just to myself. It felt bigger, solid, more steady.

It’s no easy task to push away the very understandable and human propensity for comparing ourselves to others, wishing we had what they have, and letting it all make us feel more discontent. But when we share our happiness and our sadness with others,  and when they feel comfortable enough to do the same with us, that is real joy of human connection. We can become more empathetic, take turns being happy for one another or lifting each other up, and expand on our collective joy.

As Chinese New Year approaches next week and we clear out the bad luck from the year before, literally, by tidying our spaces, maybe we can also try to clean out roadblocks like jealously, competition, self-doubt and negativity which stand in the way of our own happiness.

Hoping you can celebrate and share even the smallest moments of happiness this week!

Keep moving! xx, Katie

更深切的喜悅: 真誠地慶祝他人的成功

希望大家的豬年都有一個美好的開始! 這週很開心看到很多的新面孔和再度回到課堂中的舊面孔。 在春節假期間享受美食、好好休息、與你愛的人共度時光是重要且幸福的,但是同樣的,回歸生活步調和流點汗的感覺真的很好(雖然有些挑戰!)







愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯)

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