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Feel Great Festivities!

My Holiday Health Tips!

Ever feel like you are an “all or nothing” person when it comes to certain things? Opened a new bag of chips so might as well polish them all off. Didn’t make it to the gym by Friday? Forget it, just wait until Monday. Don’t feel particularly energized, so write off going to class all together? 👋 Hey sometimes that’s me!!

When trying to feel good for the holidays, the challenge for me lies in not letting the disruption to my normal routines and habits snowball into a total free for all— a holiday that leaves me more tired, less energetic and daunted to crawl back from after January 1st.

Ditching an “all or nothing” attitude for a more balanced approach to keeping healthy during the holidays is all about small actions that feel caring towards myself instead of restrictive. It’s about being creative and flexible, so that the most important aspects of the season— community, peace, health and love — stay at the center of the celebration.

Check out some of my tips to keep me on track for Feel Great Festivities!

  1. Dress up your dishes. Instead of focusing on only avoiding rich foods, think about adding in beautiful, bright foods that pack a lot of flavor, color and nutrients in! Some of my favorite additions to the holiday table include dishes with pomegranates ( like this citrus salad I also tried !), roasted squash with cinnamon and pretty any savory dish with thyme and rosemary.

  2. Get flexible with your fitness. It can be a challenge to get in a regular workout when the holidays hit — and hey, it’s also important to give the body rest for sure! But rather than making yourself MORE tired by sitting on the couch, look for ways to move and keep your energy up several times throughout the day. Walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator at the mall, do an extra lap around the store while shopping, dance to Christmas carols while cooking in the kitchen,or take an On-Demand Zumba class with your family at home!

  3. Shine bright- Light a candle! Some of my favorite holiday sights as a kid were candles lining the streets or shining from windows. There is often a feeling of calm, peace or even reverence when we light a candle. Particularly during the holidays when we rush between activities, taking time to slow down, bask in the soft glow of candlelight, and to be still or even do a gentle stretch , can bring us much needed stress relief and relaxation.

What’s your favorite way to feel great during AND after the holidays? Leave me a comment to let me know!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and see you next week for our final class of 2023!



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