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Dear Me, Thank you!

Celebrating with Gratitude Towards Ourselves

Have you thanked yourself today?

What I love even more than turkey is the chance to reflect on what I’m thankful for each year for Thanksgiving. As was the case for so many, this was personally one of my most challenging years to date. Changes and disruptions in life, connections, and work left me feeling awfully lost and uncertain in ways I had honestly been pretty out of practice in dealing with. I spent a lot of time during level 3 lockdown grappling with guilt and shame that I wasn't able to be as positive, unaffected, or resilient as I had imagined I would be when things got difficult.

Today, looking back at getting through lockdown and much of this year, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude.

I feel immensely grateful for dance-- the art form that allowed me moments of expression dancing alone with myself and which kept me connected to my body, my heart, and to others.

I can’t express enough my appreciation to my family and friends for listening, sharing, seeing, holding, and loving me , even from afar. I’m blessed and in awe of the warm, wise, generous, and hilarious ways you showed up for me.

Above all, I'm thankful for the opportunity to know myself--the good, the bad, the ugly-- in a fuller and deeper way. Through the discomfort of slowing down and spending a great deal of time alone this year, I have a greater sense of appreciation for myself, just as I am, and all the experiences that have shaped me.

This week, I’ve started all my classes off with the theme of “Thanks, Body. ” While so much of what we talk to ourselves or with others about often revolves around what we don’t like about our bodies, this week we are reminding ourselves to focus on shifting our attention to the abilities our amazing bodies have!

I'm grateful for my feet and legs for allowing me to dance for so many hours a day! I love how my face expresses how I feel especially when I teach! When I speak to myself in this way, I develop more respect and gratitude towards my amazing body and I want to care for it as such!

This year I hope you take a moment to thank yourself and your body for how amazing you are!

Thank YOU as always from the bottom of my heart for continuing to dance with me and our community, for sharing your smiles and sweaty moments through it all , especially the virtual classes during lockdown. Feeling your support helped shine a light on my purpose and kept me moving when I needed it most!

Happy Thanksgiving to all 💕💕



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