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Dance Your Way Outside Your Comfort Zone

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

How often are you getting out of your comfort zone?

If you were anything like me as a kid, the absolute BEST part about summer vacation was the break from school and studying. The worst? Those long summer reading assignments and When some people hear I've lived outside of the US for almost half of my life now, there is an assumption that I must be this super brave, adventure-lover. Comfort zone?! Ha, I salsa and cumbia two-step my way right on out of it.

Welp, that's not exactly the full picture. Whether it's being a Cancer or just typical human nature, I love my comfort zone. Give me a cozy blanket, a Netflix documentary, and popcorn on my so comfy it will swallow you whole sofa, and I'll happily stay put, thank you very much. I enjoy being a homebody just as much as, if not more these days, than going out to try new things.

Still, a HUGE part of my story and reason why I am able to do something I love day in and day out—even here writing you this newsletter in fact—is because I did dare to step outside my comfort zone again and again over the years. It just so happens that dance has been the modality and driving force that gave me the extra push to take those leaps. From hiding in the back of the classroom shy and insecure to having the music carry me onto stage, dance emboldened me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I believe in the transformative power of dance 💕✨

And you? Where outside of your comfort zone could dance possibly take you?!

3 Reasons to Dance Your Way Out of Your Comfort Zone

  1. Expand your "world".The knowledge you gain about your body from moving it in new ways, the friendships made in class, the exposure to different musical rhythms -- these all enrich your life and lead to a broadening of what your comfort zone is. The new becomes familiar over time!

  2. Build resiliency. Other than death and taxes what else is certain in life? Change and challenge! Working mentally to follow dance moves and physically to train your body requires effort, can cause temporary discomfort and in my case, lots of sweat! Enduring this kind of manageable stress can translate into resilience in other areas of our ever-changing lives.

  3. Grow confidence. Most of us fear making mistakes or failing at something-- especially if it is new to us. The encouraging, no-pressure environment of a dance fitness class makes it the perfect place to appreciate your abilities, pick up new skills, and celebrate YOU!

Speaking of leaving familiar settings for growth, I’m venturing out of my Da-an/Xinyi bubble next week with TWO new classes! Tienmu crew I’ll be back at JAS on Tuesday mornings 10:30-11:30 so come get your Zumba on after you drop the kids off at school! And Wednesday night I’ll be heading to Gongguan to visit my good friends at AMME for a Barbie pink party Zumba class!

Let’s keep growing, shaking and dancing our way to

more health and happiness together!



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