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Dance like a kid!

Can you let go,

be silly and free?

In Taiwan, we’re back to work today after a long holiday weekend of Children’s Day and Tomb Sweeping Festival. Long weekends are made for fun, relaxing, and play; regular work days— chores, responsibilities, seriousness—

Or are they?

Last week, we had a special little visitor come to class when a student needed to bring her son along for Zumba. I set up a chair in the back of the room, and let him know he could watch or rest as we danced. Not a minute into the warmup, and I spotted his feet tapping, his knees bouncing along, unable to NOT move to the music. He jumped beside his mom and proceeded to dance for the entire hour, full of concentration, joy,and energy; completely unconcerned with how he looked or whether his moves were perfect. Dance was his form of fun, his way to play, his celebration of music and movement.

Can you remember back to a time before you felt self-conscious to move, do, or express? 🤔

Play is not just for children. Fun is not just for the weekends. Even as Children’s Day has passed, you and your inner child are invited to each and every class. Get silly, get carried away by the music, and be free to be unabashedly you!

Keep moving!



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