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Connecting with Family 與家人的連結

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

My fantastic family!

Fitness Family, Friend Family, Fam-Family; what's yours look like?

Family can mean many different things to different people. After living in Taipei for so many years, I'm lucky to be able to say I've been a part of a family of friends--people I celebrate every holiday, birthday, and life milestone with. Through teaching English and eventually dance fitness classes, my students, coworkers, and mentors have become another family to me. This week is extra special because I am currently in Thailand with my immediate family! Having a chance to tour around, relax, reconnect, and even dance with my parents and sisters in such a gorgeous location is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Being a Zumba instructor or a Zumba student also makes you part of an incredible global family! One of the best things about being in this family is having the chance to connect with other people in the Zumba community when you travel. Each time I take a holiday, I try my best to look up and join a Zumba class in the place I'm visiting. The Zumba family is one of the most welcoming, happy, and generous tribes out there! I've been invited to classes, to special local spots, and into people's homes all from reaching out to other instructors when on vacation. Next time you are going on a trip, give it a try! Why not see how much more vibrant and diverse your idea of family can grow to be!

Finally, thanks to all who participated in the #katiemovestaipei challenge. I loved seeing the posts of adorable photos and videos using the hashtag! The winner of the free Katie Moves Taipei 5 class punchcard from last week is 0416, my student and also a fellow Zumba instructor. Take a look on my IG to see the repost of his #katiemovestaipei video and to follow along with more of my moves! I'll be back to Taipei on 3/31, so classes resume as normal in April even throughout the Tomb Sweeping Holiday weekend!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


家人可以有很多不同的定義,這個星期我跟我美國家人在泰國旅行,因為我長期住在台灣,所以在台灣我也有了新的家人。ZUMBA會縮短人跟人之間的距離,所以無論你去到哪裡,Zumba這個大家族永遠都會歡迎你。每一次我出國旅行之前,我都會上網找當地的課堂資訊為的是去體驗當地的Zumba課,感受一下不同文化,不同氣氛的課。 在那裡我感覺自己不像外人,課堂開始5分鐘後大家就開始熱絡起了來,Zumba家族的成員永遠會讓你感覺沒有距離。 下一次出去玩的時候你也可以尋找當地課程,跟不同國家的Zumba成員建立友誼和親情。

謝謝參加我最後# 競賽 的人!我很開心地看了你們的照片及影片!上個禮拜的題標贏家是 0416,我的學生也是Zumba老師!他的貼文得到最多讚!請看我的IG,我會轉發在我的社群網站上!

3/31 我從泰國要回去臺北。 4月見!


愛你的 Katie

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