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Connecting to Your Crew 與你的團隊連結

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Are you Rollin' with THE Crew?

If you’ve attended Zumba classes or events recently, you’ve likely seen the new style of black t-shirt with big bold white letters saying “Zumba Crew. ” I have to say I was a little surprised the t-shits became so popular and sold out so quickly. Zumba clothing-- any fitness clothing for that matter-- tends to be extremely vibrant and bright. A Zumba class is one of the few places you can get away with wearing cheetah print, rhinestone blinged-out belly tops all while rocking electric blue hair...and you still won’t look one bit out of place. And so, the simple message on these apparently lackluster shirts seems to point to something even more attractive than neon spandex—that sense of belonging and acceptance people feel being a part of the “Zumba Crew.”

Zumba as a company has been extremely successful in building a community of people from all over. It’s what allowed two Filipino instructors to be welcomed so eagerly by my students into our classes last week, what caused many people from all over Asia to fly into Taipei last weekend for a masterclass, and what helped the visiting Puerto Rican ZJ Rony and Mexican/ Japanese ZJ Yuko to touch and inspire so many people with a message that transcends language barriers.

Membership in our Zumba Crew isn’t based on having the perfect moves or six-pack abs. The only thing that seems consistent when you look across the wide range of bodies, styles, cultures, and personalities is the smile on each person’s face. People are so attracted to this sense of being accepted for who they are-- missteps, flaws, and all. There are so many challenges we feel like we face alone at times; having a nonjudgmental and safe place to be ourselves can teach us how to better accept others and better accept ourselves. That's definitely the type of crew I'm happy to roll with!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


如果你最近來上過課,大概會看到有人穿 "Zumba Crew” 的衣服。這些衣服出來的時候,我有一點驚訝很快就賣完了。Zumba的衣服一般不是很亮的,就是很誇張的。在Zumba的課堂上,你可以穿得非常鮮豔奇特,也不會特別突出。雖然ZumbaCrew的衣服樣式非常簡單,但是衣服上印的字卻意義非凡,簡短的幾個字讓你感覺自己是團體的一員。




愛你的 Katie

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