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Celebrate the Real

Are you the #1 , Greatest, Most, World’s Best?

You’ve likely seen it on a t-shirt, your coffee mug, or the front of a greeting card: “World’s Greatest Mom!” “You’re #1!” “Best Friend Ever!” “You’re the Most Wonderful Person on Earth!”

Last weekend when you celebrated Mother’s Day, how many of you heard phrases like these abound —“ #1 Mom” , “She’s the MOST incredible mother! “, “You are the LUCKIEST because of the mom, the kids, the family or the life you have!“ ?

Hey, I love a good compliment and so should you!

But sometimes compliments that are meant to make you shine can have the opposite of the intended effect. At times, compliments can spur more comparison

“ I’m so far from the best. I secretly feel like I am failing at everything.”

“How is she such an amazing Mom?”

“My family is a mess compared to theirs.”

—comparisons between what others think of us and what we think of ourselves. Comparisons between what we see ourselves as now and what we wish we could be. Comparisons between ourselves and the rest of the world.

None of us feels like the best, most fantastic at anything we do or are all the time. Speaking in superlatives can keep us fixated on perfectionism, resentful at others who can’t live up to our expectations, and ashamed of ourselves for being real. 🙃

Whether it’s a role we have, our job, our outward appearance or more, things are constantly changing — the kids misbehave on a beautiful family outing, we make headway after feeling impossibly stuck , we spill a full glass of red wine down a brand new white top.

Which is to say, we are MORE than just simply the BEST. We are a collection of highs and lows, strengths and weakness, extraordinary and pretty boring attributes. We are real, and therein lies a richness and fullness that transcends cookie cutter perfection.

Holidays and special occasions are great for reminding us to show GRATITUDE. They are moments to acknowledge successes and highlights with the understanding that these moments are so sweet because of the struggles, the challenges, or just the everyday, less than spectacular moments that pass by without notice.

Whether it’s motherhood, your career, or your body, you don’t deserve to be celebrated because you are or are trying to be perfect or THE BEST. You deserve to be shown and SHOW YOURSELF respect, gratitude, and love just as you are! 💕

If you want some more help celebrating yourself, come join us for a special Hot Mama themed Zumba Livestream 🥳 this Thursday 7:30pm (Taiwan time)/ Thursday 7:30am ( EST) followed by a virtual hangout from 8:30-9! We’ll be dancing to some of my favorite Zumba Mami , Mamacita, Mama tracks ! All of the May Unlimited On -Demand Package students can join free of charge, and all others for 200nt. Sign up here!

See you then!

Keep moving,



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