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Attitude Over Ability 態度勝於能力

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It’s the start of another month and with it comes another great event! This Friday while many are celebrating Dragon boat Festival, I’ll be joining a group of new dance fitness instructors in a wonderful event in Yingge. For many of the students and instructors, this will be a first chance to participate in this kind of large group event.

I really love this sort of opportunity to dance along with people of all different levels of experience and ability. I especially love when I have brand new students who have never attended Zumba or dance fitness classes join my classes. Often, it’s the attitude over ability which stands out to me the most.

The effort and enthusiasm of beginners always impresses me. It also reminds me to approach new activities with the same kind of patience towards myself, to celebrate what I can do, rather than get wrapped up in things I’m not able to do easily.

Another reason why I’m looking forward to the event is that a portion of the proceeds will go to the Eden Social Welfare Foundation, an organization which serves persons with physical, developmental, or mental difficulties, as well as socially marginalized groups. If you are free, please come join us for the event!

We all have strengths and abilities in our own areas, while we may struggle in others. Certainly we can amaze ourselves with what we are able to accomplish with the right attitude and coming together with others.

Keep moving! xx, Katie


😀 > 💪

在新一個月的開始,我們又有另一個很棒的活動!這個週五當大家都在慶祝端午節的同時,我會到鶯歌加入一群新的舞蹈健身指導員,一同舉行的一個精彩又好玩的舞蹈派對。 對很多學生甚至是指導員而言,這是他們第一次有機會可以參加如此大型的活動。

我真的很愛和不同經驗與不同程度的朋友們一起跳舞。我特別喜歡沒有上過 Zumba 或是任何舞蹈健身課的新學生來上我的課,常常我在新同學的身上看到、讓我最感動的就是「態度勝於能力」。初學者所展現出來的努力以及熱情總讓我印象深刻。這也提醒了我在面對新的活動時,應該對自己有同樣的耐心,慶祝我所能做的,而不是把自己困在對我而言不容易做到的事情上。




愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯 )

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