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Are You Working Out Your Brain This Summer?

Summer School is in session! 🤓

If you were anything like me as a kid, the absolute BEST part about summer vacation was the break from school and studying. The worst? Those long summer reading assignments and book reports that I inevitably waited until the last minute of August to face. I begrudgingly rushed through pages of work, annoyed because-- well isn't summer for letting your brain have break?!

Now that the pressures of school years are in the past, whether it’s summer or anytime of year for that matter, how many of us also have let learning fall by the wayside? No doubt, the responsibilities of adulthood, current jobs, family and relationships make it a challenge to carve out time for ourselves. We might struggle to find time to exercise our bodies, much less focus on exercising our brains. But continuing to look for opportunities to learn can greatly impact our lives.

Adult learning is linked to more resiliency as we gain new skills that help us overcome life's challenges at any age. We also can strengthen our cognitive abilities to help reduce the risks of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. And of course, the kind of purpose that can be derived from learning can grow our confidence and happiness.

This summer as many of my clients have been abroad I've looked for more opportunities to soak up knowledge-- whether it's been completing mini-courses about health and fitness topics, a new mobility program Circl by Zumba, or reading about breath work. And I have to say, now I think that summer seems like the BEST time to boost your brain !

Want to add some learning in while summer is still around? Check out these ideas!

  1. Read for ten minutes a day. Nonfiction books, novels , online articles and newsletters (😉) have the ability to build general knowledge, vocabulary, memory, empathy and more, while also reducing stress levels.

  2. Make your screen time count. I’m a huge fan of documentaries, historical depictions, and video podcasts on YouTube. You can find episodes and films on practically any topic while you get cozy on the couch or commute.

  3. Try a new recipe. There’s no shortage of cooking and baking blogs featuring a wide range of cuisines. Start by thinking of an ingredient that intrigues you and search away. Friends and family will be more than happy to help you taste test!

  4. Connect to others. Go out of of your way to strike up conversation with someone you normally wouldn’t speak with. Talking with a shopkeeper, a neighbor or a someone new beside you in class is a great way to learn more about the world through others’ experiences.

  5. Take a fitness class. Challenge your brain AND your body when you ask it to move in new ways. We constantly incorporate new songs and routines into class which keep your coordination and memory in shape! I’ll be debuting new routines in class this week both from the Barbie movie and the latest Zumba ZIN Volume— so try to make it to class in person or with my Pre-recorded classes!

Before the busyness of back to school hits, why not see if you can sneak in some relaxed learning to keep your mind fresh and your mood bright!

Keep moving and learning!



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