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A Fun Hangover 玩樂宿醉

On the set of 綜藝大熱門!

Is there such a thing as too much fun?

It’s been quite a few weeks for me! The days have been  filled with Zumba and Fit +Flaunt classes, farewell parties, being a guest on a Taiwanese talk show and even hosting 25 people for a Thanksgiving celebration at my house. A big part of my personality is that I thrive off of a lot of activity, a packed schedule, and many social engagements. Running around the kitchen whilst choreographing a new dance routine  at 2:00 am makes me feel like I’m superwoman...which also means something will eventually give!

This past Monday morning was just a regular day, and with it, I felt the onset of  what could best be described as a "fun hangover." Between the gloomy skies , exhaustion, and the lack of anything extra special on my schedule-- a day on which I still get to do the things that make me happiest, teach and dance —I started to feel the wind coming out of my sails and a real sense of discontent. Nothing was wrong at all, but nothing felt exciting enough!  To feel sad for living such a wonderful full life seemed selfish and stupid, but I couldn’t deny I was wishing the minutes away until I could hide away in my home. There, a few hours of being on my own with no company, no schedule and no distractions, and I finally felt back to myself. I was reminded of how necessary those quiet, uneventful, non-special moments are in terms of rest, re-energizing and rebalancing my mood. 

A fun hangover after a fantastic vacation, a great party or a special holiday can happen to the best of us. After moments of profound happiness,  the return to normal can feel like quite a letdown at times. Remembering that moods and moments come and go, that what goes up must come down, and vice versa, can help us to be not so hard on ourselves . We can also seen more quickly and clearly how to get ourselves back on track after some particularly high highs or low lows. 

We are just starting the beginning of the holiday season, weeks of cookie bakes, year-end parties, and Chinese New Year luncheons. Even being the social butterfly I am, it can feel like a bit much. For me I have a few things I want to keep in mind in order to keep some sense of balance and to get the most out of this busy time of year without getting burnt out. 

Ways to keep a fun hangover at bay:

1- Realize it’s ok to say no. There are going to be a surplus of invitations and holiday related activities. Saying no to some will keep them from feeling like obligations rather than events to look forward to. 

2- Spread out some of the special occasions. Save some of the get togethers for after the holiday season ends, so that when things die down there are still events on your calendar to look forward to. 

3- Carve out some alone time. Know which things bring you joy on your own and do them so that your cup is full for all of the extra socializing.

4- Keep some elements of your routine in check. Even with all of the special, out-of-the-ordinary occasions, keep some activities like rest or exercise as regular as you can so that “holiday you” and “rest of the year you” don’t feel like two totally separate people. 

Hope you get your holidays started on the right foot!

Keep moving! xx, Katie


過去這兩週,我的行程滿檔,除了教 Zumba 和 舞麗自信的課,我也參加朋友的告別派對、上台灣的綜藝節目,以及在家裡舉辦 25 人的感恩節派對。我很喜歡這樣的充實忙碌的生活,滿滿的行程與社交活動,讓我覺得充滿活力。凌晨兩點,一邊在廚房準備感恩節的食物、一邊編新的舞步,讓我有種女超人的感覺!

這周一早上是一個一般的早晨,我想到一個很貼切的詞 ------「玩樂宿醉」來形容那天的心情。陰暗的天空、耗盡的精力、沒有特別安排的行程,雖然我仍然可以做讓我開心的事 ------ 教學和跳舞,但是我總有種掏空與疏離感。沒有發生什麼不好的事,但是似乎每件事情都不夠令人興奮,這樣的感受讓我覺得有些自私和愚蠢,過著這麼美好又充實的生活,我到底有什麼可以不開心的呢?但是不可否認的,這一天我一直在心中偷偷期待時間趕快過去,好讓我能趕快縮回家裡。回到家,獨處幾個小時,沒有課也沒有干擾,終於找回我自己。這件事讓我了解這些安靜平淡的時光是如此地必須,可以藉此有機會休息、充電、平衡我的心情。




1- 知道拒絕是OK的:眼看即將到來超多節日活動或是派對的邀請,適時地婉拒一些邀約可以避免讓參加聚會感覺像是工作,也會讓你充滿期待地出席答應的活動。

2- 分散一些特別的聚會:可以將一些約會改到假日之後,所以當假日結束後,你還是有可以期待的活動。

3- 安排一些獨處的時間:了解自己獨處時喜歡做些什麼事,利用獨處的時間做自己喜歡的事情來紓壓,可以讓你在社交時清新有活力!

4- 維持一些你的日常習慣:在放假的時候仍然持續生活習慣,像是休息或是運動,這樣就不會感覺「假日的你」和「日常的你」是截然不同的兩個人。



愛你的 Katie

( Anna Liang 譯)

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